Read the following poems and then go to discussion:

V-R-A-N-T-S-I-S Ana Vrantsis

‘Vrantsis,’ I said.
Frances, she wrote.
‘No, V r a n t s i s,’ I repeated more slowly,
Francis, she wrote, writing the ‘i’ over the ‘e’.
‘No it’s “V” for Victoria,’ I insisted.
Vrancis, she wrote, changing the ‘F’ to a ‘V’.
‘It has a “t” not a “c”,’ I continued
‘Vrantis?’ she ventured.
‘No, it has an “s-i-s” after the “t”,’ I implored.
She reached for the white out
but the white out was dry.
With irritation plain
on her furrowed brow
she reached for a clean sheet
and began again.
V-R-A-N-T-I-S she wrote
with triumphant relief.
‘Oh, and there’s only one “n” in “Ana”.’

Me Temuçin Mustafa**

What’s your name?
How do you spell that?
No, T-E-M…
M for Mary.
T-E-M-U-C-I-N… N for Nelly.
What’s it short for?
No English equivalent?
No, should there be?
It just takes a little getting used to.
Get used to it.
It’s MY name.
It’s me.