1. Visit the site Don't buy it (in a new window) and be an Ad Detective; examine the pictures and find where the ads are hidden;

2. After you have found the hidden ads, post a message in Discussion answering my question: What advertising tricks did you find when you played "Ad Detective"?

3. Visit the site What's in an ad (open it in a new window) and see if you can spot the ways that television commercials try to convince you to buy and do things.

4. See one of the commercials and answer the poll.

5. In discussion, summarize the tricks used in one of the ads.

6. Visit Question the Commercial (open it in a new window) and read the questions. Think of an example commercial.

7. In discussion, answer one of the questions.

8. Then go to Design a Cereal Box (open it in a new window) and design a cereal box.

9. When you have finished, save your image locally and do task 4.

10. Then go to discussion and explain the choices you made.